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Ways I’ve been referred to: that writer, that Ukrainian Jewish (Russian?) kid, that strategy guy, that data guy, that wannabe engineer, that kid who rides a skateboard to meetings.

But I am also an optimist. And all of my writing comes from this place.

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Cool, what else?

I also bring playbooks from my strategy & operations work at Uber and Lime to help startups launch and scale.

If you’re interested in hearing more on that, say hi: kazimirovg@gmail.com.

Sorta-corporate-but-still-casual bio

I joined Lime (scooters!) as a General Manager in its early days to start the New York area business. We launched multiple markets in the Tristate area, hitting 1 million trips within a year, and building a team of 70 across operations, marketing and community affairs.

Before that, I worked at Uber where, among other things, I managed and launched Speciality Products (UberBLACK, UberSUV, UberWheelchair) in the Northeast.

And before that, I worked at an economic think-tank/hedge fund focusing on data analysis.

I’m also a startup mentor at Techstars and WeWork Labs, and hold a BA from University of Warwick and an MPhil from University of Cambridge.


Gil Kazimirov
Reading, writing and riding a little red skateboard around NYC. Director at Cityblock Health. Previously GM @Lime, Operations @Uber.